Forest Climate Change Initiative

NCS Final Report cover image

Natural Climate Solutions for Forestry & Agriculture Final Report and Fact Sheets Now Available

Natural climate solutions (NCS), such as planting trees, reducing tillage, managing manure, and conserving land that sequester carbon or reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions can affect near-term climate change mitigation goals in cost-effective ways while also enhancing ecosystem services. Natural Climate Solutions for Forestry and Agriculture in Maine: Finial Report is a comprehensive assessment evaluating […]

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Agreement on Natural Climate Solutions

The CEO Principles are a shared vision for increasing the contribution of forests and forest products to climate mitigation from leaders of the environmental, conservation and forest business communities. The signing CEOs recognize that private working forests and forest products can play an important role in mitigating climate change through thoughtful policy, private sector engagement, […]

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FCCI FAQ: Why are Maine’s forests important to the State’s carbon budget?

Approximately 89% of Maine is forested Forests accounts for the vast majority of carbon uptake and storage in the state Forest carbon cycle is primarily driven by trees taking up carbon from the atmosphere via photosynthesis and storing carbon as biomass Carbon is also incorporated into the soil and long-term wood products like lumber More […]

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FCCI Releases Maine Carbon Budget Fact Sheet

A group of University of Maine faculty (many affiliated with CRSF’s Forest Climate Change Initiative) and graduate students, joined by a geology professor from Bates and a Maine Forest Service staff member, have recently compiled, synthesized, and analyzed an estimate of Maine’s carbon budget between 2006-2016 by major emissions source and land use category. This […]

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Forest Climate Change Session at 2019 Maine Sustainability Conference

2019 Maine Sustainability & Water Conference hosted by the University of Maine Senator George J. Mitchell Center for Sustainability Solutions March 28, 2019 Augusta Civic Center Forest Climate Change Session 1:30-4:00 pm This session will highlight the goals of the CRSF’s Forest Climate Change Initiative (FCCI) and begin a larger discussion on research priorities. In […]

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