FCCI Webinar #2: Carbon Budget, Measurement and Credits

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The second in the FCCI-FSG series was held November 4, 2020
with University of Maine panelists
Dan Hayes, Associate Professor of Geospatial Analysis and Remote Sensing
Adam Daigneault, Assistant Professor of Forest, Conservation, & Recreation Policy
Attendees eligible for SAF Category 1 CFE.

Webinar Recording

The following links are available:

Dan Hayes: Carbon Budget Slide Presentation (pdf)

Adam Daigneault: Carbon Credits and Maine Net GHGs Slide Presentation (pdf)

The State of Maine’s Carbon Budget (2-page fact sheet), with additional Figures, Supplemental Tables, and Key Assumptions

Additional Video Resources

Adam Daigneault: How Maine’s Net Greenhouse Gases Compare to Other States (9 minutes)

Dan Hayes: Video Tour of Maine’s Carbon Budget (17 minutes)

Key Webinar Takeaways

Carbon Budget

  • Magnitude of carbon in soils
  • High positive contribution of forest and wood products
  • Maine has a 79% net land sink
  • Sharp decline in electric power emissions in the last decade
  • Maine’s annual net emissions are ~1.2 MMTC/y

Policy Implications

  • Reducing overall emissions with focus on renewable energy
  • Develop innovative carbon markets that support beneficial practices
  • Maintaining working forest and support use of wood products
  • Minimize land conversion and general impacts on natural ecosystems