Annual Reports

Cover image for 2016 CRSF annual report

2016 Annual Report (pdf)

Edited by Aaron Weiskittel & Meg Fergusson

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Highlights of 2016

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The CRSF led several key initiatives in 2015-16.

  • Following a close, two-year collaboration with both the Maine Forest Products Council and the Maine Forest Service, the Maine Spruce Budworm Task Force report was released and has been well received throughout the region. A website to facilitate outbreak communications was also launched:
  • Two additional CRSF-supported websites focused on stakeholder engagement were launched. The Northeast Forest Information Source (NEFIS; is an interactive repository that allows open-access submission and retrieval of research-related documents, while the Maine Forest Spatial Tool (MFST; allows users to access numerous key spatial layers from prior CRSF research projects. The spatial layers include data from two recently completed CFRU projects (improved depth-to-water table mapping and the biomass growth index), which provide an estimate of potential forest productivity throughout the region.
  • In a partnership with the Maine Library of Geographic Information, the CFRU helped to coordinate the statewide acquisition of LiDAR data, which is radically altering how forests are inventoried and managed. This acquisition will continue over the next few years with the CFRU providing key logistical support and coordination with landowners.
  • 2016 CRSF Annual Report print version.

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