Munsungan Series

Munsungan logoThe Munsungan Fund began in 1992 with the generous support and keen insight from a select group of UMaine alumni. The fund was created to support outreach and education projects that educate the public about forest resources in Maine. The fund was named to honor Munsungan Lake in northern Maine, which serves as a nexus between industrial forestry, recreational use, and forest conservation, and carries forward the Native American historical background to Maine’s forest base.

Past Munsungan Projects

2015-16 – Development of Northeast Forest Information System (NEFIS)
2008-14 – Forests For Maine’s Future collaboration
2007 – Deer Wintering Areas in Maine
2007 – Calcium Cycling: Insights from Bear Brook Watershed in Maine
2006 – Long-term Monitoring and Data Systems: New Paradigms for Basic Research
1998 – Forest Health
1995 – Competitive Advantages and Opportunities in Maine’s Secondary Wood Processing Industries
1994 – The Triad Concept for Maine’s Future Forest: A Model for Harmony or Discord?
1992 – First Munsungan Conference