CAFS is a National Science Foundation Industry/UniversityNational Science Foundation logo Cooperative Research Center (NSF I/UCRC) that bridges top academic forestry research programs with industry members to solve complex, industry-wide problems. Its mission is to optimize genetic and cultural systems to produce high-quality raw forest materials for new and existing products by conducting collaborative research that transcends species, regions, and disciplinary boundaries. The University of Maine’s Center for Research on Sustainable Forests (CRSF), through its Cooperative Forestry Research Unit, is a member of CAFS and serves as the lead site.

Our next IAB meeting and field tour will be held
June 11 & 12, 2024 in Madison, WI

The NCASI Biometrics Working Group will meet on June 13 in Madison

Upcoming Industry Advisory Board Meetings

June 2024 IAB Meeting Page

(Meeting pages and Data Portal are password protected for access by CAFS members and scientists)

CAFS Data Portal & WebApp


NSF Phase 3 Awards

University of Maine
NSF# 1915078
University of Washington
NSF# 1916155
University of Georgia
NSF# 1916720
University of Idaho
NSF# 1916699
North Carolina State University
NSF# 1916552
Purdue University
NSF# 1916587
Oregon State University
NSF# 1916793

CAFS will graduate as a NSF IUCRC in 2024. The Future Opportunities for NSF’S Center for Advanced Forestry Systems report below showcases a new model of collaboration and strategy to replace NSF funding and provide potential for CAFS organizational growth.

First page of report, full report is linked

Contact Info

Aaron Weiskittel
Director, CAFS
University of Maine, Lead CAFS Site

Meg Fergusson
CAFS Coordinator

Resources & Phase 3 Annual Reports

Past Meeting Resources (Meeting Materials, Members Only)


November 13, 2023 Virtual IAB Meeting Page

June 2023 IAB Meeting Page


CAFS June 2022 (Snoqualmie) IAB Meeting Page

All 2020 and 2021 IAB meetings were held virtually due to COVID-19 limitations. Semi-annual in-person meetings resumed in June 2022.

2021 (Virtual)

CAFS November 9, 2021 Meeting Page
CAFS June 2021 IAB Meeting Page

2020 (Virtual)

CAFS December 2020 IAB Meeting
CAFS June 2020 IAB Meeting 

Photo CAFS 2019 field tour2019

The 12th Annual CAFS IAB Meeting was held in Athens, GA on June 4-5, 2019. For meeting information, agenda and field tour details, see our CAFS 2019 meeting page. Special thanks to the University of Georgia and Climate Smart Land Network for helping make the 2019 CAFS IAB meeting and field trip in Athens a success!

A remote IAB meeting was held December 16, 2019. The introduction powerpoint presentation can be found here

Photo of CAFS field tour2018

The semi-annual CAFS 2018 IAB Virtual Conference was held on December 10 via Zoom video/teleconference.

See our CAFS 2018 meeting page for photos from the field trip around Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, as well as meeting materials from the IAB meeting.