FCCI Webinar #7: Visualize Forest Composition and Health

Logo for FCCI and FSG webinar seriesApril 7, 2021, at noon

Webinar Recording

The seventh in our series is on understanding how to visualize forest composition
and health using hundreds of colors in the electromagnetic spectrum with
Nick Fisichelli, President and CEO, Schoodic Institute, Peter Nelson, Schoodic Institute Forestry Ecology Director,
and Walker Day, Forester, Seven Islands Land Company. 

Eligible for 1 Category 1 SAF CFE

Laboratory of Ecological Spectroscopy (LEcoSpec)

LEcoSpec is engaged in the study of patterns of community assembly and vegetation health measurement across spatial scales through the use of UAVs, airborne imagery, hyperspectral remote sensing, and ground-truthing by spectroradiometer.

Graphs and images of forest canopy texture and stress using reflectance signatures