Forests & Forest Products Specialist Opening Announced

The University of Maine recently established an office of climate science information coordination, the Maine Climate Science Information Exchange (MCSIE), which will include three Specialists with expertise in different critical sectors of Maine’s natural resource-based economy. MCSIE will focus on research and science capacity discovery, information coordination, and relationship building to support the implementation of the state’s “Maine Won’t Wait” Climate Action Plan, the work of the Maine Climate Council and its affiliated committees, state agencies, Maine citizens, businesses engaged in science-informed climate response, and future quadrennial updates of the Plan as directed by statute. The Center will be an office that serves as an information hub on climate-relevant research for Maine.

MCSIE specialists will inventory ongoing research related to Maine’s climate response, work to enhance the connections between the research community and progress towards Maine’s climate action plan Maine Won’t Wait, contribute to strengthening communications within this scientific community, identify key information needs and strategic research approaches to address them, and connect with stakeholders to identify communication and research needs in the various natural resource and community sectors.

Details & Application: Agriculture and Food Systems Specialist and Forests and Forest Products Specialist

Cover image of Maine Won't Wait climate action plan for Maine
Maine Won’t Wait outlines the urgency with which Maine must low the effects of climate change to make a meaningful contribution to global efforts, while also taking bold action to prepare Maine people, communities, and environment for climate-related harms to come. At the same time, Maine Won’t Wait details how addressing climate change presents transformational economic opportunities, such as from the growth of clean-energy sources and incentives for significant consumer, business and industrial investment in energy efficiency through weatherization, cutting-edge building materials, and alternative energy sources.