Newly Published Forest Research

Tree quality and value: Results in northern conifer stands after 65 years of silviculture and harvest

by Maren Granstrom (UMaine), Mindy S. Crandall, Laura S. Kenefic (USFS), and Aaron Weiskittel (UMaine)

US Forest Service and UMaine/CRSF-affiliated scientists Maren Granstrom, Laura Kenefic, Mindy Crandall, and Aaron Weiskittel assess conifer stands for quality and value of harvested and standing trees; long-term forest research that contributes knowledge to forest management decision-making. The research was partially funded through a Northeastern States Research Cooperative grant.

Evaluation of projected carbon accumulation after implementing different forest management treatments in mixed-species stands in northern Maine

by Joshua Puhlick, Aaron Weiskittel (UMaine), Ivan J. Fernandez (UMaine) et al.

Forest management research that emphasizes the importance of leveraging multiple harvesting strategies to achieve carbon objectives, including consideration of forest reserves and using targeted yet operationally feasible silvicultural treatments that promote forest resilience relative to climate change. Research partially supported by CRSF’s Cooperative Forestry Research Unit and Center for Advanced Forestry Systems.