FCCI Webinar #8: Converging Policy and Practice

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May 5, 2021, at noon

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In the eighth in our series Dr. Ivan Fernandez, Distinguished Maine Professor, Climate Change Institute & School of Forest Resources, will take a look back on topics covered throughout this series and a look forward at carbon and climate topics most relevant to Maine’s forests. Many of our series panelists will join Dr. Fernandez in a lively discussion on the most exciting opportunities brought by climate change and our response to the climate crisis, and what the highest priority information needs are to enable effective solutions–with time to address attendees’ questions and comments.

Eligible for 1 Category 1 SAF CFE

Maine Won’t Wait: A Four-Year Plan for Climate Action is the consensus result from the Maine Climate Council and six working groups to determine the steps Maine must take to combat climate change.

Cover image of Maine Won't Wait climate action plan for Maine
Maine Won’t Wait outlines the urgency with which Maine must low the effects of climate change to make a meaningful contribution to global efforts, while also taking bold action to prepare Maine people, communities, and environment for climate-related harms to come. At the same time, Maine Won’t Wait details how addressing climate change presents transformational economic opportunities, such as from the growth of clean-energy sources and incentives for significant consumer, business and industrial investment in energy efficiency through weatherization, cutting-edge building materials, and alternative energy sources.