FY2021 Annual Report Released

Cover of the CRSF 2021 annual reportThe Center for Research on Sustainable Forests has released its annual report highlighting its forest research, programs, and initiatives for FY21 (July 1, 202-June 30, 2021). In addition to program successes, outreach and partnerships, the report features fifteen project progress and final reports by CRSF researchers on topics covering: carbon sequestration; the influence of forest management practices on soil productivity, carbon storage and conservation; lowland northern white-cedar ecology & management; Intelligent GeoSolutions project objectives & outcomes; Penobscot Experimental Forest and Howland Research Forest research updates; FOR/Maine forest economy roadmap; resilience indicators to ensure equitable, objective, & continued investment in Northern Border Communities; greenhouse mitigation potential of natural climate solutions from Maine’s working lands; landscape planning and adaptation in anticipation of a regional insect outbreak; understanding climate changes risks & behavior; Forest carbon estimation via LiDAR; eastern white pine resilience.

A pdf of the CRSF FY21 Annual Report is available now for download; printed copies available upon request.

Previous annual reports are also accessible through our Annual Reports webpage.