CRSF Releases CAFS Phase 2 Highlights Report

Cover image from the CAFS Ph2 final report

The Center for Advanced Forestry Systems report highlights projects begun under phase 2 of this NSF I/URC grant. UMaine’s CRSF is the lead site for CAFS. More information on this project can be found on the CAFS webpage here.

Many of the problems and opportunities facing the management of forests today bridge disciplinary and regional boundaries. To achieve the technological advances needed for new 21st century challenges, existing university/industry cooperatives must approach research questions at multiple spatial (including the molecular, cellular, individual-tree, stand, forest, and ecosystem levels) and temporal scales. CAFS has been extraordinarily successful over the past 5 years at providing the administrative and funding structure needed for national, interdisciplinary, scientific collaboration among researchers in these coops to make significant progress in increasing forest productivity through forest genetics, site manipulation, and better growth & yield modeling.