Daigle et al. Awarded Indigenous Forest Research Funding

The Northeastern States Research Cooperative (NSRC) announced the funding of several new Indigenous Forest Knowledge Fund (IFKF) projects. The goal of the IFKF fund is to support traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) for Indigenous communities alongside other applied forest research.

The University of Maine’s John Daigle will lead a team of researchers, including grad students Tyler Everett, Emily Francis, and Suzanne Greenlaw, on a project that promotes Tribal priorities through the production of management guides that offer recommendations for addressing Emerald Ash Borer (EAB). These guides will help to inform management by Tribal Nations, foresters, loggers, and landowners working to address EAB in the northern forest. This project will use landowner and manager perceptions on ash best management practices, and the cultural significance of ash to guide our education and outreach.

For more information about the awards, as well as other NSRC programs:

NSRC Announcement